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When your path is clear and obvious, everything gets easier. That’s especially true when it comes to vision benefits. The more people know about their vision benefits, the more they value and use them. When you’re offering benefits that are in-demand, better results for members can mean better results for you.

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Scheduling an EyeMed Lunch & Learn is a convenient way to find out more about how EyeMed transparency brings value to vision benefits. During your Lunch & Learn, you’ll discover how our resources make it easier for you to showcase important EyeMed value-adds and help you address your clients’ biggest concerns. Schedule your session now.

EyeMed puts it all within reach

Nothing should get in the way of great vision benefits. We empower members with the right resources at the right time, answering many questions before they’re asked.

Know Before You Go
cost estimator

Our out-of-pocket cost estimator provides simple, clear definitions and explanations of common product options and add-ons.



See how EyeMed works to eliminate obstacles and bring vision benefits to light.


Whitepaper: Strategies for transparency

We’ve identified 3 strategies for increasing transparency throughout the entire member experience.


EyeMed transparency opens a whole new world of possibilities for you and your clients.
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Good for vision benefits.
Bad for pirates.

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